SCTV – 2013 Liputan 6 anniversary – Street Billboard

This is a Billboard design I did for SCTV to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the News Division.

1 Display Advertisement - HUT Liputan 6 - Real Billboard

Street Billboard featuring the presenters of Liputan 6.

The concept was to feature all the presenters and put them together according to their time slots during the day. It involved a photo session of all the presenters and design a graphic composition with the presenter as the main component.

It was a team work involving a photographer and his team, the make up artists, the wardrobe assistants, style director, a choreographer, and a graphic designer (me).

The design.

pvw HUT Liputan 6 - 01d

The final composition.

The alternative.

pvw Billboard HUT Liputan 6 - 02a

The alternative

This Billboard ran for two months, May through June of 2013. The location is across the street from Senayan City, which is the headquarter of Liputan 6.

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