SCTV – SCTV Sports live 3D graphic

This an exciting and challenging assignment that I got from SCTV. To utilize VizRT to enhance the on air look of SCTV Sport’s live football match event coverage.

Using VizRT, the program host and game commentator can discuss the match using am interactive touch screen to illustrate their point.

Displayed on the screen are the graphics of:

  • Tonight’s match
  • The line up of both team, including the subs
  • The line up of both team, head to head
  • The formation used by the teams, with the players icons movable by dragging them on the screen
  • Strategies and movements of the teams by drawing lines and curves with arrowheads
  • The standings
  • The standings in the groups (for cup tournaments(
  • Fixtures
  • Results of previous matches
  • Manager profiles

Below is a compilation of the works done.

VizRT touch screen for live sports broadcast

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