This was a project started in 2009, a request to do a logo design for a boutique called “Allus” owned by three friends. After some lengthy process a logo was found and approved.

“Allus” itself can mean 3 things :

  • “Allus” = “Halus” or smooth (Indonesian)
  • “Allus” = a modification of “Always”
  • “Allus” = a modification of “All of Us”
“ALLUS” final logo

The final form of the logo is a circle, stylized into a bright purple button. Framed by a rounded square. Inside the circle (button) was silhouette of 3 female form (symbolizing the 3 founders) in front of flourishes (analogue of butterfly wings, symbolizing empowerment). In front of those is the text “Allus” (the name of the enterprise) in a flowing script form. The color of the text is black with a white outline.

This kind of the logo is used on letterheads, websites, totebags, business cards, price tags, etc.

Another version of the logo

There is another version of the logo, to be used as clothing labels, the shape is rectangular with the cropped version of the square logo, and the text “Allus” in dark purple color without outline.

Logo design for labels

Business Card,


The business card is on a portrait orientation, bearing the square logo of the company, the name of the three founders in smallcaps, also the phone number, the url, and the facebook id.

Price tag

The price tag design is also of portrait orientation.

Design evolution of the logo

In the beginning, the boutique was to be called “Femme”, and the owners have some ideas as to how the logo or identity should look like, and gave examples, which was used as references.

With such extensive references, an idea has formed on what the final logo would look like. Shown below are some experimentation with the shape, colors, and composition of the logo, based on the references given.


Once the name transforms into “Allus”, the logo underwent some changes.