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It all began with an email notifying me about being shortlisted as a candidate of a technical writing competition. And I responded. Thus began a month long journey which ended up with myself being a runner up of a writing competition.

It all began with this email:

Hi there,

On behalf of CNET Asia, I’m pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the CNET Asia Tech Factor program.
To qualify for our upcoming campaign, we’ll need to get to know you better. Kindly provide the following details:
1) Name, Country, and Contact Number
2) What do you do for a living and which company would that be?
3) Do you own a BlackBerry mobile phone?
4) Do you have multiple devices in your home (i.e. laptops, desktops, tablets)? Tell us what they are.
5) Please provide a 100 word write-up on a product review of a consumer electronic product. Please write and attach it as a Microsoft word document.
Please provide the following information and attach the word document and send it to by 26 February 2013.
Do note that we will only be selecting 4 entrants to become our Tech Factor Reviewers. We will notify successful entrants of the program.
Happy writing and Good luck!
Best regards,

Product Marketing Manager
T 65.xxxx.xxxx        F 65.xxxx.xxxx
xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx Centrepoint, Singapore, xxxxxx

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And I responded with three writings.

The first is about a Blackberry device.

BlackBerry Curve 9380

Nicknamed Orlando, it’s an entry level touch-screen only BlackBerry device that does everything a BlackBerry lover would want to do, albeit in a unique way for a BlackBerry user, with some drawbacks.

It must be said that it is very nice to hold, with just the right size, weight, and shape that fits perfectly into your palm.

And because it is touch screen, you would want to do things beyond a “normal” BlackBerry usage, like picture taking, editing, and sharing a la Instagram.

So, the 9380 offers the latest BlackBerry experience on an entry level device, but because it’s entry level, don’t expect too much.

The second is about a pocket camera.


An android camera, wow, what a concept. And designed and manufactured by the digital imaging legend NIKON too. Although if you think of it, it would eventually come to this.

As a digital camera, it performs as you have come to expect from NIKON, with a good quality images, intuitive menu and user interface, you know, all the presets and features we have all become familiar with.

Although the shape of the body and the huge touch screen at the back makes the camera feels slippery and awkward to hold (I don’t have a space to station my thumb except on the touch screen).

It’s the incorporation of the Android system that is somewhat dodgy. The android system itself is okay but the biggest disappointment is the wi-fi connectivity, it is a bit tricky to make the connection, and once it connects, it is easily disconnected when I start to operate and move it about. I suspect that my hand plays a part in getting in the signal’s way.

A big problem or what?

The third is about myself.

MOCHAMMAD SURJO KOENTJORO does motion graphics, graphics design and logos. He has been doing it for a TV station in Indonesia he loves very dearly and has works being broadcasted to thousands of TV viewers every day.  Educated as an architect, he actually fell in love with the computers in high school. The combination of the design education and the love of computers is what made him a gadget lover that he is today. Point and shoots, prosumer, DSLR cameras, handycams, have been sighted to be in his inventory, so do some tablets, notebook PCs, iDevices, and what have yous. He lives in the outskirt of Jakarta with his wife Lusiana, who is a pediatrician and two kids, Lahfah and Fikri. They are all gadget addicts and pretty much blame him for it.

And then came the reply.

Dear Mochammad

Congratulations! We are happy to announce that you have been chosen as our TechFactor blogger from Indonesia for Seagate campaign. 
As a part of this process, can you please send us a short bio about yourself(100-150) words? 
Your picture and your bio will be up in the blogger pages in our TechFactor site. Also please send us your complete address so we can mail you the Seagate Wireless device.
Attached is our Terms and Conditions’s for you to sign as a part of the formal agreement. Once you sign that, Seagate will be sending you the devices by next week.
The blogging phase starts on 1 April to 26 April 2013. We would like you to turn in your articles for submission ideally every Thursday of blogging week starting from 1 April 2013.
The CNET Asia TechFactor Team

I got in. I got offerred to participate in a competition to write reviews about Seagate Wireless Harddisk, in a 4 weekly blog.

Needless to say I am thrilled.

Watch this space for my 4-part writing that earned me a nifty Nikon Coolpix S6500!

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