The pebbles.


… the simple beauty of nature…

Sometimes we don’t have to look too hard to find beautiful things, or maybe sometimes we are just in the right state of mind to find beauty in ordinary things.

Found the opportunity while standing around in a light drizzle, and there it was. The raindrops falling on the stream, the little rocks, and the grass. Such a perfect combination.

The photo above has already made an appearance on Instagram.


The original.

Kadang-kadang kesempatan untuk mendapatkan obyek fotografi datang begitu saja, atau bisa jadi kadang-kadang suasana hati kita sedemikian rupa sehingga bisa melihat keindahan pada segala sesuatu.

Foto ini diambil sambil menunggu kerabat ditemani hujan gerimis ditepi sebuah kolam kolam buatan dengan riak kecil, bebatuan, dan rerumputan.

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